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What Influences Ira Antelis

“I grew up a piano player so most of my influences came from piano/singer-songwriters.  Billy Joel had a big impact on me, as well as Carole King.  It was much easier for me to sit down and play her songs than James Taylor tunes like FIre and Rain because I wasn’t a guitarist.  I listened to a lot of Jazz like Oscar Peterson. Also musical theater, West Side Story, Sound of Music, paying attention to how everything was put together and absorbing as much as possible. My biggest influence as a writer had to be Steve Shafer.  We partnered together in 1988 and he opened my mind up to new ways of listening and dissecting different styles of music.”

As Shafer/Antelis Music, Ira and Steve penned the unforgettable Be Like Mike for Gatorade.

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